Are you coming to Keewaydin?

We recommend you bring the following things for an enjoyable experience at Keewaydin:


Although Keewaydin is paradise on earth , Keewaydin’s residents highly recommend bringing countless bottles of bug spray, citronella candles to drive away those swarms of mosquitoes . If you come during our rainy season from May to mid-August, the humidity is more likely to attract mosquitoes so be prepared.

Hurricane season

Because Florida is a tropical state, unfortunately the chances of a hurricane happening are possible. Nevertheless, we recommend you plan ahead to visit Keewaydin, our hurricane seasons are through June- late November. So, keep up with our weather as your visit date approaches.

Hurricane Season : 1 of June – November 30th

The South End of Keewaydin

The south end of Keewaydin is a hot spot for tourists, as you can find the popular beach area and extravagant parties, and more than 200 boats  gather in this area everyday. In this same location Ice cream and food boats will anchor along the shoreline for a few hours to serve treats to the beachgoers.

Since Keewaydin is a very popular beach, it is our duty to keep Keewaydin Island clean for the safety of others and animals. Collier County kindly asks you to bring you personal